Härman Cold Brew

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Introducing Härman Cold Brew – an energizing coffee that effortlessly blends fresh starts, revitalizing coolness, and beyond. Our cold brew is crafted from select coffee beans sourced from the distinct regions of Brazil and India. These beans bring the rich, creamy notes of Brazilian coffee and the bright, vibrant flavors of Indian coffee to your cup, resulting in a full-bodied experience like no other. Through a meticulous 20-hour cold brewing process, we unlock a refreshing sensation like no other, offering you a unique härmony of flavors and invigorating aromas to embrace the sun's radiance with renewed vigor, keeping you revitalized throughout the day. Härman Cold Brew – where full-bodied richness meets the cool, revitalizing essence.

Comes in our signature premium glass bottle – perfect for sharing and savoring throughout the day.

100% Arabica
Origin: Colombia
Process: WASHED
Notes: Caramel, Brown Sugar, Fruity